Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simplicity is Highly Overrated

When I bought my phone, complexity made it much more desirable for me. I chose the phone that I have now because of all the features that it has. Even though I do not use all of the features, I bought the phone because I have the option to use them.

Complexity is justified when extra features are included. Many products include extra feature which make the product more complex but also more desirable by many consumers because of the idea that it does "more." Simplicity is most important when it makes a product easy to use and when the product doesn't have the need for complexity and extra features.

The designers of the iPod revolutionized natural mapping by the use of the wheel to scroll through the menu; turning the wheel clockwise scrolls down and turning the wheel counterclockwise scrolls up . In addition, the iPod also has properly labeled buttons to play, pause and switch songs. The iPod also features a simple hold switch at the top of the system.

I found this post by Kenny very interesting because I also thought that the wheel make the iPod truly innovative. Also, the layout is very simple and makes even a product as complex as the iPod easy to use.

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