Sunday, October 19, 2008

Isn't It Iconic / The Power Of The Box

Packaging is very important in marketing a product; however, the product itself is also important. Consumers will a buy a product because its package is viscerally appealing but if the product inside the package doesn't serve its purpose, they will not buy that product again. Packaging is a very important aspect of "impulse purchases" because people buy a product because of the way it is packaged. Furthermore, packaging is important for prestigious name brands such as Coca-Cola because people can easily identify with the package.

Other products that have iconic packaging are Pepsi, Pringles, and Downy.

Usability can be an issue when it comes to packaging. Some packages only serve a visceral purpose and other packages are not durable enough. Also, some packages are awkward in shape or size, making them difficult to transport and store. An example of a usable package would be anything that is resealable so you can store the product in there even after the package has been opened.

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