Monday, October 27, 2008

Retail Analysis

  1. I observed the Abercrombie & Fitch store. They market to upper-middle class teens from the ages 13-18.
  2. a. From the outside, the store looks very inviting. There are numerous manikins on display in the windows displaying all the latest fashions and designs. The entrance is very large and allows users to go right or left upon entering; right being male and left being female.
    b. The store plays very loud music, mostly techno and some electropop.
    c. The are various displays of merchandise, from clothing racks to tables with assorted clothes. They have a large amount of clothes on display and for sale, giving the customer a lot of choices.
    d. The floor is carpet.
    e. There are signs all over the store informing shoppers about current sales and directing them to the cashier area. These signs are blue with a white outline and white text, the stores colors.
    f. The cashier area is located at the back of the store, forcing potential buyers to make their way through the entire store.
  3. The business tries to reflect a very trendy, cool image. Their loud techno music and overpowering smell of perfume and cologne along with their vintage clothing style show this. Also, they have pictures of half naked men and women plastered all over their walls, displaying their clothing.
  4. Many customers enjoyed the design of the store; however, some were overtaken by the smell and loud music. The customers were typically young teens, some with their parents, most with their friends.
  5. I found it interesting that they have sectioned off the store, one side for male, the other for female. However, in the middle of the store, they have mixed in male and female items so that the customer must explore more of the store. I was also intrested to see that they put the cashier area in the back of the store, along with the dressing rooms, so that the customer must travel to the very back of the store to make a purchase or try on some clothes.

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