Thursday, November 13, 2008

Principles oof Marketing

Marketing is affected greatly by design. The company must design a marketing plan which relates to a specific target demographic of consumers. The design of products, their packaging, and their brands are key to marketing. These designs help the company better market their product by creating an easy way to remember it. In my opinion, the most important elements of marketing are the brand names and package designs because they are what most influence the consumer when making a purchase.

Branding and marketing is closely related to the design of experiences. Many companies market their product as an experience. Brands are carefully thought about and marketing is targeted to attract the largest possible amount of customers. The better experience a customer has with a certain brand the more established the brand name is.

Kalamazoo College's brand is one of prestige. The important elements of K's brand position are its mascot, logo, and academic standing. Kalamazoo is very well known for its academics and its logo can be easily recognized. Design reinforces K's brand because of the way K's experience is designed. It is a rigorous academic experience at a small private institution.

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